option 1 - $5000

Your basic needs

With this option we install a window that will get you right up to code. We install two different sized windows depending on the height of your ceiling. Egress window code requires the window sill to be no higher than 44" from the finished floor and no lower than 33". So the two sizes of windows that we found work perfectly are a 32"x40" window or a 30"x48" window. Each window exceeds the minimum requirements of the 5.7 sq ft opening, giving you a surplus of light that will flood into your newly renovated basement! 

let's get fancy

This option isn't just about meeting egress code requirements, this one is about exceeding them! With option 2 we install a massive 4'x4' window that will exceed all the code requirements as well as leave you with a TON of light! The one thing that we hear from clients over and over again who choose this option is that they cannot believe how much light gets let in! This option also gets you a top of the line fiberglass window well that will last you a lifetime! This window well has built in steps leading up to the beautifully designed lightweight cover that is equipped to hold up to 300 pounds! The cover also has a glossy film that allows for maximum privacy.

Option 2 - $6500

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hole in the wall egress windows

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